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Jannz Clare

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36 Church Street
Oxford 7430
North Canterbury


Hello! Welcome to Jannz Crafts!


First winter here in Oxford and by golly it's cold. Great time of year to pick up your knitting needles and make yourself or a little person a lovely warm woolly.

Some great specials on knitting patterns are being added to the Clearance and Specials page...

Yarns are fabulous this year, I'm adding more and more of the new range everyday, please check back often to see whats new.


~M'Ladys Dressing Room~

I am still working on this gorgeous quilt as it does take time to do the pencil watercolours. This technique will be a class coming up soon...

Block of the month by Faeries in my Garden patterns are here, limited numbers, and will be on the website shortly.




Open hours are:


Wednesday to Friday 1pm to 5pm


Saturday 10.00am to 2.00pm


If you cannot find what your looking for drop us an email: and we will see what we can do to source your items for you...

Featured Products


Spirit Dancer

Price: $ 18.90 Add Spirit Dancer to Cart


Swirling Peacock

Price: $ 18.90 Add Swirling Peacock to Cart


Woodland Goddess

Price: $ 18.90 Add Woodland Goddess to Cart


Soft & Cuddly Knitting Leaflet

Price: $ 8.20 Add Soft & Cuddly  Knitting Leaflet to Cart


Happy Mix Baby Soft 4ply

Price: $ 3.50 Add Happy Mix Baby Soft 4ply to Cart

je087-the-sewing-room (1).jpeg

The Sewing Room

Price: $ 18.90 Add The Sewing Room to Cart

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New Products

Newport Blue Sugar Baby Yarn
SKU:  PY7051-8
Price: $ 10.60

Add Newport Blue Sugar Baby Yarn to Cart

Windsong Sugar Baby Yarn
SKU:  PY7051-6
Price: $ 10.60

Add Windsong Sugar Baby Yarn to Cart

Shy Violet Sugar Baby Yarn
SKU:  PY7051-3
Price: $ 10.60

Add Shy Violet Sugar Baby Yarn to Cart

Aquamarine Sugar Baby Yarn
SKU:  PY7051-2
Price: $ 10.60

Add Aquamarine Sugar Baby Yarn to Cart

Pink Crush Sugar Baby Yarn
SKU:  PY7051-1
Price: $ 10.60

Add Pink Crush Sugar Baby Yarn to Cart

Bubblegum Magnum Soft 8ply 100gm
SKU:  PY6019-1361
Price: $ 7.60

Add Bubblegum Magnum Soft 8ply 100gm to Cart